With 14 academies, more than 500 Alumni, 30 Annual reunions and 2 Global Network Summits under its belt, CELA has demonstrated its effectiveness in developing partnerships among our members for business, professional, altruistic and personal purposes.

We design an array of opportunities and means for members to continuously learn; developing themselves and their skills, so that they can accelerate the successes in their lives.

CELA offers direct access to successful business leaders all over the world with the ability to network and connect with those leaders online and through a variety of hosted summits and events. The wealth and depth of knowledge and expertise available in the network is only matched by the warm hearts and kind deeds of its members.

CELA continues to nurture a growing group of young leaders who are there because they care; we are a family one can trust and always depend on.


Central Eurasia Leadership Alliance (CELA) is the premier forum and network for Central Eurasia’s leaders to consistently expand their leadership skills and the positive impact they make on their families, businesses and communities.


MELA was launched in 2010 by SIBF and a group of Arab business leaders on the model of CELA. MELA draws it members from across the Middle East annually for their masterclass.

Learn more about MELA by visiting the MELA website.

SEALA is a not-for-profit initiative launched in 2013 by SIBF on the model of the regional network organisations it has already created for next-generation leaders in Central Eurasia and the Middle East. SEALA draws its members from across the South East Asia annually for their leadership workshop.

Learn more about SEALA by visiting SEALA website.

SIBF (Society of International Business Fellows) is the parent organization of CELA, SEALA, MELA and SIBF LA. Formed in the US by a group of CEOs, corporate executives and leading entrepreneurs about 35 years ago to bridge the gap between regions. They were profoundly tired of the usual off-the-shelf trainings and wanted to share with up-and-coming business and civil society leaders in all parts of the world the practical knowledge and leadership tools that they had experienced and used with success in their own professional lives.

Learn more about SIBF by visiting the SIBF website.


I was one of first three Mongolians who participated in CELA 13. In other words, we were impressed with the athletes who did not have the coaches, and they all changed the first day just as we had expected. I have realized that we have not been paying close attention to the importance and the precious things of our lives, and those amazing 10 days that reminded me of such things and one of the important parts of the program gave us great lifelong friends with similar values and interests. Being in touch with CELA teams through different channels not every day gives me an impression that CELA academy was never over and it is still happening right now. If you are interested in a unique leadership program that you cannot describe in a few sentences, then it is CELA!

Enkhtuya Sharavnyambuu (CELA’13 - 2017)

Head of Business Services Department, Transwest Mongolia LLC

For me, CELA is a new planet, full of interesting people, ideas and challenges.

Once you are in, it is difficult to be out. Why? Just because of the incredible energy and spirit that this network gives to you. You really get a chance to revise your goals and strengths, to get the “objective” feedback and find people who care about you and your well-being.

CELA 13 gave me a new breath and made me think about myself and community from another angle. CELA is the best present you can give to yourself, if you are a curious, brave enough and developing personality.

Arpi Karapetyan (CELA ’13 - 2017)

Founder and Managing Partner of Cascade People & Business, Armenia

If I had to use one word to describe my CELA experience, it would be sincerity. Now, that may seem like an odd word to describe a leadership program but this is what makes CELA unique. Faculty, staff, guest speakers, participants – they all sincerely want you to understand who you are and where you are going in life. The ten-day jam-packed academy is such an emotional roller-coaster that you are guaranteed to re-emerge as a new person – from slightly altered to fundamentally shaken. And just when you think the program is over, the real journey begins

Rashad Bayramov (CELA ’9 - 2012)

Modernization & Transformation Manager, BP Azerbaijan Georgia Turkey Region, Azerbaijan

CELA is more than an academy. CELA will become the part of your life to bring perspective and forever since it is great people, it is a new opportunity, the opportunity for the personal and professional growth, the opportunity for the expansion of business and geography, the opportunity that I experienced myself. The main point is that it is the opportunity to create something valuable together in my country and for my country, in my region and in a global way. CELA is for those who are in action!

Ainura Sagynbaeva (CELA ’5 - 2006)

Founder, SIAR Research & Consulting Ltd & Co-founder, Steppe Learning KG Ltd, Kyrgyzstan

Gift yourself the best present you can – CELA!! A place which will stay in your heart and mind forever. CELA is a chance to make your life more interesting and meaningful! Importantly you will realize how many we are, a huge network of people around the world with the same mindset and goals – to make world better place to live!

Kakha Kuchava (CELA ’12 - 2016)

Member of the Parliament of Georgia

CELA is a home for nearly 500 young, bright representatives from Central Asia & Caucasus. These fellows are united by their values, inspiration & desire to grow. With the help of CELA academy, annual reunions fellows meet on an annual basis in the countries of the region, they get a chance to network, make new friends, build personal ties, eliminate prejudices & stereotypes, look for business opportunities, and widen their horizons and opportunities. During the last years with start and development of sister networks in the Middle East (MELA), South East Asia (SEALA), North America (NALA), the regional coverage and significance of CELA network grew exponentially. 

I consider this vibrant network as one of the most valuable parts of my life. CELA became a new source of knowledge, wisdom, inspiration, personal stories, chance to meet likeminded people both within my country and the globe. I highly recommend it to those who are looking for change & challenge for the better, those who wish to build global & regional links and can capitalize them in their personal lives, be it business projects or careers in general

Hikmat Abdurahmanov (CELA ’9 - 2012)

Chair of the Association of International Business and Technologies, Uzbekistan

CELA is an investment to your education and business. One of the largest professional networks in Central Asia and Caucasus provides you with tools and mechanisms for future prosperity in life and career. When I look for inspiration and energy, I find them in and within CELA’s network. Meanwhile, CELA is about each of us, our commitments, and our beliefs. They drive us to reach horizons.

Ainur Nurtay (CELA ’8 - 2011)

Owner of MANAR GROUP Real Estate Management, Kazakhstan

In a fast world you have to withdraw yourself to an ‘island’ to rethink important values and priorities on how to lead people and processes for the benefit of your personal and professional life.

CELA is one such ‘island” where in a short period of time you can have an opportunity for you to set the right questions on how to Lead your life.

Not only CELA program will present such an amazing opportunity for having the conversation about Leadership but you get to meet one of the most extraordinary and bright Leaders. You get to see different facets of Leadership through diversity of fields, cultures, regions and experiences. As a bonus you get access to one of the most prominent Network of Leaders who will always be happy to spare and share their personal and professional time!”

Ozod Dalvatshoev (CELA ’9 - 2012)

CEO, Tcell 5G, Honorary Consul of Sweden to Tajikistan, President of Cycling Federation of Tajikistan, Global Director - Accelerate Prosperity


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